Our Consultants

STG attributes our success to the expertise of our people–software architects to development teams to project managers to quality assurance specialists. Most of our staff members are senior-level consultants, with an average experience of over 10 years in software development, and have been with STG for many years. As you can see, all of our employees are talented, motivated, and amazing individuals.

Read about just a few of our over 100 consutants:

Matt Chiang – QA practice manager, tinkerer, and car enthusiast

Matt Chiang
A good QA truly lives by the motto: “leave things better than you found them.” Matt Chiang has always lived by this principle. Matt knows if you want to make something better, you must first understand the thing itself.

Understanding how something works in order to fix it and make it better started at a young age for Matt. Matt’s love of fixing things led him to learn about automobiles. Repairing, fixing and improving them has become a favorite pastime for him.


Bryan Hansen – Director, Java Expert, and Triathelete

Bryan Hansen
Bryan Hansen is a champion. Whatever he decides to do, he excels at. He doesn’t excel because it’s easy, he excels because he works hard. A true champion uses any bump in the road as a stepping stone to propel them forward. That is exactly what Bryan does.

One of Bryan’s passions is competing in triathlons. There are several qualities of triathletes that make them successful. Bryan has utilized these skills to improve himself in his career and in training for triathlons.


Aaron Salazar – Visual Artist Extraordinaire

Aaron Salazar
If one bumper sticker slogan could describe Aaron Salazar, it would probably read, “Everything is Awesome!” For starters, “awesome” is a word Aaron uses frequently. More importantly, there’s not a more appropriate description of such a creative, artistic, exuberant, Ultimate-Frisbee- playing, problem-solving software engineer.

Aaron’s awesomeness as a software engineer (and human being) comes from his creative spirit, diverse work experience, curiosity, and zest for life. He loves his job writing code because it gives him the opportunity to work through challenges and solve problems. Aaron understands that the ability to write code that is simple, yet powerful, requires creativity. He also loves tackling front-end work—color, layout, and navigation—because it allows him to flex his artistic muscles.

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