Our Story

STG was founded in 1996 by Jeff Soderberg. Jeff’s strong values created the foundation for our culture. We always try to “do the right thing”. That means we place a high value on relationships. Employees who feel empowered and supported bring a strong set of values to their consulting work. STG has grown from a small organization with a few consultants to a full service Technology Consulting practice with over 125 Consultants. As we’ve expanded we’ve stayed true to our goals to deliver for our clients and provide a great working environment for our team.

STG Timeline


Software Technology Group Founded


Practice Managers Established

STG created team leads for Microsoft, Java, and Front End Practices

First Full-Service Project


Development Center Built

STG Purchased an office building and began an extensive remodel. Management Offices and a state of the art development center were built on site. 100 employees.

UX Practice Added

Short for User Experience, UX Designers develop how a user might interact with a website or mobile application.

Mobile Practice Added

With the advent of mobile phones, iPads and tablets as well as a myriad of other devices, STG added a training group to create solutions for the mobile-ready economy.

Scripted Technologies Practice Added

Languages such as PHP, Javascript, Python, and Ruby created the need for finding and training developers with an affinity for scripted languages.

150 Employees

While an important milestone, our corporate office needed some additional renovations to accommodate our new staff members.

186 Employees